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Managing a Job Posting in eRecruit


  1. To get a job posted in eRecruit, email your unit’s eRecruit hiring manager with the following information:
    • A position number (if you don’t have this, please email your unit’s eRecruit hiring manager to request it)
    • The number of openings
    • Where the job will be located
    • Working title, if applicable
    • Who will need access to the posting and applicant information
    • Job description:
      • The minimum qualifications that are posted will be specific to that position’s job code and can be found on the Job Code Detail website.
      • If applicable, you can also specify preferred qualifications, such as a specific type of experience, certification, particular degree, etc.
      • For assistance with job advertising, including writing the job posting, read the "Job Advertising" section below.
  2. The eRecruit hiring manager will initiate your job posting, which MU HRS will approve. All applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be routed to you.
  3. Once the selection process is conducted for the position and a finalist is identified, email the eRecruit hiring manager with the offer information listed below. They will input the information into eRecruit, and MU HRS will create an offer letter for you to personally send to the finalist.
    • Base Salary
    • Hiring Incentive, if applicable
    • Moving Expense, if applicable
    • FTE
    • Working Title, if applicable
    • Names of applicants interviewed
  4. Once the offer is accepted, the eRecruit hiring manager will initiate a criminal background check. MU HRS will then adjudicate the results of the background check, prepare the applicant for hire, and initiate the ePAF.
  5. The department ePAF initiator will complete an ePAF, and then the new employee will receive an email with onboarding and New Employee Registration information.
  6. Welcome the new employee to the university!


Training guides can be viewed at

If you experience technical issues while using eRecruit, please contact PeopleSoft HR Support


Job Advertising

How you advertise a job will determine who will apply. Listed below are several different ways to spread the word.

  • Advertising – Using newspapers, websites, and newsletters to sell the opportunity.
  • Word of Mouth – Making telephone calls, sending personalized letters, and talking face-to-face with potential applicants and people who might nominate candidates.
  • Networking – Using networks to reach the candidates personally, such as approaching potential candidates at professional meetings. Consult with faculty members in the functional area of the job being filled about outreach activities.
  • Referrals – Encouraging employees to refer qualified applicants for the position.

Marketing the job posting should be considered when developing the Recruitment Action Plan. This plan should also include identifying potential applicants and how/when to reach out to them. 

The job posting should be a well-written job description that supplies the potential applicant with the following information:

  • Specifies the minimum qualifications.
  • States specific information about the position.
  • Outlines the competencies or skills determined by the university to be critical in order to be successful in the position.
  • Uses inclusive language aimed toward a diverse group of applicants.
  • Directs the applicant to where they can apply for the position.

The job posting may be some of the first information that potential applicants will see. It is important that the information provided in the job description will create the impression that aligns with the values of the university.

Consultants and Contractors

Do you need to work with an independent contractor or consultant?  To learn more about these types of arrangements, visit the Office of Procurement’s Non P.O. Contracts webpage. 320.110: Employment of Consultants, a section of the university's Collected Rules and Regulations, provides additional information regarding consultants.

Looking for Jobs at UM System?

Find open positions at each campus that's part of the UM System on the Careers webpage.

Executive Searches

Information on current executive searches at UM System can be found on the Executive Searches webpage, or by contacting HR's Executive Recruitment team. The four campuses that comprise the UM System announce their executive searches on their own websites; return to the HR homepage for links to campus websites.

Reviewed 2023-04-25