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The UM Staff Advisory Council is accepting nominations for the upcoming term that begins in October, 2020. There are two openings for exempt and non-exempt staff members. Employees elected to the Council will serve a three-year term.

The Council provides an opportunity for staff to communicate with UM Administration. You can be a voice for yourself and co-workers by becoming a part of the UM Staff Advisory Council. Meetings occur once a month and are scheduled for two hours. During our monthly meetings we serve as a resource to help support the mission of the UM System by creating a positive work environment, promoting the welfare and diversity of the staff and strengthening communication and relationships among UM System staff and administration.

If interested in nominating a colleague or volunteering for service, please email the UM SAC shared inbox.

Katie Adkins
2019 UM Staff Advisory Council, Chair

Reviewed 2019-08-05