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The Work Number FAQs

What is The Work Number?

The Work Number is a convenient, secure, automated employment and income history verification system accessible by phone or the Internet. It provides accurate and timely employment and income verifications for current and former University of Missouri employees.

Why is the university using The Work Number?

Employment and income verififcation is often required for a mortgage application, personal credit approval, pre-employment screening, and tenant screening. Using The Work Number greatly speeds up verifications for employees and reduces the cost of HR staff manually retrieving and reporting information.

When do I need to use The Work Number?

Anytime you need your employment or income verfified, such as when you apply for employment, an apartment lease, a loan, or mortgage.

What do I need to use The Work Number?

Complete the lending, lease, or other application document with the lender, landlord, prospective employee, etc. To enable employment verification, provide your SSN to the verifier, who will then contact The Work Number via phone or Internet. To enable income verification, also provide a single-access salary key from The Work Number.

How do verifiers obtain employment and income information from The Work Number?

You must provide your SSN to a verifier to access your employment information. You must obtain from The Work Number a unique salary key each time you want a verifier to confirm income information. The salary key grants a single access to your income information, making the information very secure.

How do I obtain a salary key?

Call or log in to The Work Number through myHR and follow the few simple steps as outlined in the instructions.

What information is provided for employment verifications?

  • Business Unit
  • Employment Status
  • Social Security Number (last 4 digits)
  • Most Recent Hire Date
  • Original Hire Date
  • Total Time with Employer (based on most recent hire date)

What information is provided for income verifications?

  • Business Unit
  • Employment Status
  • Social Security Number (last 4 digits)
  • Most Recent Hire Date
  • Original Hire Date
  • Total Time with Employer (based on most recent hire date)
  • Job Title
  • Rate of Pay
  • Average Hours per Pay Period (stated on a weekly basis)
  • Total of Gross Pay from the last two year and to date for the current calendar year.

What if I have multiple appointments with the university?

The information provided by The Work Number comes from your primary appointment.

Other than employment and income history, what other information is available through The Work Number?

None. The Work Number provides only your payroll data, employment history, and nothing more.

What is a Social Services Verification?

Various social service agencies manage economic self-sufficiency programs that administer federal, state, or local public assistance funds to low-income families and individuals. Eligibility for these programs is determined by an applicant's monthly income. Caseworkers must verify the applicant's employment and income before providing assistance. The Work Number Social Services Verification helps agency workers determine program eligibility, track program benefits, support quality control, and investigate potential fraud.

Why can't an agency that previously had access to The Work Number no longer log in to the website?

This is most likely the result of the agency not updating their user information following some recent enhancements. They should contact the The Work Number directly to get their information updated and access to verifications restored.

Reviewed 2017-04-30.