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Employee Engagement and Culture

Employee engagement is defined a variety of ways, but put simply, it is the degree to which an employee feels enthusiastic about his or her job. Engagement has been shown to be related to many important outcomes, including
turnover and productivity. Given the tangible effects engagement can have, the university conducts an engagement survey every two years in order to understand employees’ perceptions of their work lives. After results are shared with
employees, an action planning process begins, which starts with employee focus groups.

Institutions are influenced by external factors such as demographic, economic and political conditions, yet they are also shaped by strong forces that emanate from within. This internal dynamic has its roots in the history of the organization and derives its force from the values, processes, and goals held by those most intimately involved in the organization's
workings. An organization's culture is reflected in what is done, how it is done, and who is involved in doing it.

As an employee of the University of Missouri System, please take the time to participate in our annual engagement survey – it’s a great way to share your perspective on our organization’s culture and your responses provide our leadership team with data in which to act for the upcoming year. Our next survey is slated for May 2017.

Reviewed 2019-08-05