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Learning Recommendations—On-Demand and Webinars

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Working Remotely and Managing Remote Teams

Employees and managers who telework often learn that working remotely is different than they expected and that it requires specific skills and habits. As our environment and culture shift, it changes the way we work. That requires additional collaboration, as well as resources to help all of us to be successful together.

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Personal Wellness

Check out the resources below for fostering and maintaining personal wellness:


Success Factors - UM System

Success Factors are a collection of competencies used by the University of Missouri to help define what effective performance looks like in your role. With Performance Appraisals approaching, now is a great time to review the Success Factors. If you’d like to go a step further, dig into the myLearn learning recommendations focused on a specific Success Factors you would like to improve.

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Technical Skill Enhancement

The effective use of technology in your day-to-day work is essential. Is there a technology about which you would like to learn more? myLearn offers a variety of courses on software and other technologies that are used within the UM System. A few of these courses are highlighted below:

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Did you know that myLearn offers certification material for a variety of professional skills and occupations? Check out the myLearn Certifications Page to learn more.

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If you are a leader looking for support in your role, myLearn offers resources around coaching, driving employee performance, empowering others, leading teams through a crisis, and much more. Check out the myLearn Leadership Page to learn more.

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Upcoming Webinars

See below for a schedule of upcoming webinars presented by the UM System Learning & Organizational Development team:

  • Stay tuned! Additional webinars will be coming soon. 
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On-Demand Resources from Past Webinars

Click to expand on-demand resources from past webinars

See below for a resource packets from past webinars presented by the UM System Learning & Organizational Development team:

Understanding Key Concepts in Higher Ed - access to reflection and resource worksheet.








Managing Your Energy in a Time of Stress - access to presentation slides prepared by UM System Learning & Organizational Development team.






Forging Resilience in Uncertain Times - access reference sheets and the Big Rocks, Little Pebbles worksheet.








Enhanced HR Policies for Employees in Response to COVID-19- access presentation slides prepared by UM System HR






Self-Care and Development the Right Mindset for Working Remotely - access self-care resources from TIAA





Establishing Remote Work Routines: Time Management and Creating a Productive Workspace - access work from home practices from TIAA




Maintaining Engagement and Productivity with a Virtual Team - access team leadership practices from TIAA




Financially Coping with COVID-19: What You Need to Know Right Now - access Personal Finance Resources from MU Extension.







Working Remotely and Managing Remote Teams - access presentations slides or reference sheets



Reviewed 2020-05-20