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Committed to You: Onboarding Series

Welcome to Month Two as a New Employee!

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 This Month: Committed to You

Welcome to your second month at the University! We hope you are getting to know our institution and how you fit in at the UM System.

Our system transforms lives by collaborating to achieve mutual success.

We appreciate that you’ve chosen to bring your time, energy, knowledge and strengths to the UM System. In return, the UM System is committed to offering you a unique, compelling and valuable work experience.

As an employee of the UM System, you will:

  • Transform lives
  • Work in a safe, inclusive, transparent environment
  • Be supported, valued and empowered
  • Collaborate to achieve mutual success
  • Learn, discover and innovate each day

To learn more, visit our who we are webpage.

You are supported, valued and empowered.

Learn how to keep your payroll information organized by accessing the following resources in myHR. Login using your normal university ID and password.

  • Payroll & Compensation Training Guide

    This guide includes the following topics:

    • Employee Federal and State W-4
    • View Paycheck and Print Pay Advice
    • Direct Deposit
    • View Your W-2 Form
    • W-2 or 1099-R Reissue Request
    • Paycheck Modeler

A number of other useful resources are available on the compensation resources for employees webpage, including the total compensation calculator.

Learn, discover and innovate each day.

One of the most important relationships you have at work is with your supervisor. Learn more about making that relationship more effective by logging into Percipio with your normal university ID and password and accessing the following resource:

You work in a safe, inclusive, transparent environment.

Diversity relates to various aspects of our identity and background such as our race, our sex, the generation we were born into, where we grew up, our socioeconomic background, our religious/non-religious beliefs, our profession, our education, our physical and mental ability/disability, our sexual orientation, our gender identity and so much more. All of these aspects of our identity impact how we view the world, our values, the way we view others and the advantages and disadvantages we experience from society.

To learn more about the diversity of identities, watch a TED Talk from Maysoon Zayid. Also, check out this TED Radio Hour from NPR that presents different narratives of how people have come to learn about their identities (transcripts provided).


If you have any questions, contact us at

Reviewed 2021-09-16