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Performance Evaluation: Onboarding Series

Welcome to Month Six as a New Employee!

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 This Month: Performance Evaluation

Welcome to your sixth month at the University of Missouri System! Because your probationary period may be coming to a close this month, we encourage you to check in with your supervisor on your performance over the last six months. The Success Factors, our University’s set of seven employee competencies, can help you structure that conversation. Ask your supervisor to provide feedback on each Success Factor.

This conversation will provide you with actionable feedback and give you a preview of the ePerformance Progress Check-In Discussions that occur three times a year between employees and managers. Any performance conversation, whether formal or informal, can help us assess the past, plan for the future and move forward together.

Note, your probationary period can be extended under certain circumstances. To learn more, take a look at HR-109 and reach out to the appropriate employee relations contact: MU, UMKC, Missouri S&T, UMSL or UM System.

Our system transforms lives by collaborating to achieve mutual success.

The University of Missouri System is committed to the core values of integrity, honesty and ethical conduct. Together, we protect our values, build success and ensure an outstanding reputation.

If you witness or suspect behavior that goes against UM System values, we ask you to report your concerns. The Integrity and Accountability Hotline is available for all faculty and staff at or (866) 447-9821. It is a simple, anonymous method for reporting unethical conduct.

The hotline does not replace other methods of reporting and the University strives to ensure you can approach your supervisor or manager should an issue arise. However, in situations where conventional channels become unsuitable, or if you prefer to report anonymously, please remember that the UM System Integrity and Accountability Hotline is available to you.

You are supported, valued and empowered.

Learn more about the University’s time-off policies by exploring the Information on Leave webpage. University observed holidays, vacation accrual rates, sick leave, personal days and more are outlined in detail.

Learn more about FMLA and legally protected leave:

Learn, discover and innovate each day.

Is there a certain Success Factor that you would like to improve upon? Visit the Success Factors webpage to find courses within Percipio for each Success Factor.

You work in a safe, inclusive, transparent environment.

Finding focus and openness in fast-paced working and living environments can be challenging. As a result, we often don’t engage in practices that call for our undivided attention and focused presence.

It is in the process of ‘mindfulness’ where we can switch off our autopilot mode and become aware of underlying thoughts and habits. When we invite our minds to slow down and examine our thoughts with curiosity and non-judgment, we expand our capacity for self-awareness and grow our intention to appreciate difference and increase our likelihood to connect with other fellow humans. To learn more about mindfulness as a tool toward greater diversity and inclusion, check out this article: How Mindfulness Can Defeat Racial Bias.


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Reviewed 2021-07-01