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Career Planning: Onboarding Series

Welcome to Month Eight as a New Employee!

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This Month: Career Planning

Some career paths are straightforward while some are more like journeys, filled with many opportunities and lots of learning along the way. This month, we want to help you be more intentional about your plan with these career planning resources.

The My Career Plan webpage is designed to help you learn how to plan your career, discuss your career with your supervisor, conduct an informational interview and network.

Once you have reviewed these career planning resources, learn more about how jobs are structured at the University by visiting the Job Code Detail webpage. Leveling guides and job family hierarchies are provided for each job family at the University. For more information on how to leverage this site, see the managing your career using job code detail. Also remember that your supervisor and your HR team are great resources as you begin to build your career plan.

Our system transforms lives by collaborating to achieve mutual success.

You learned about steps you can take to protect and empower our community during Campus Emergency Alert training. Hopefully, you’ve opted-in to receive alerts for your campus. The University of Missouri System also provides faculty, staff and students an added layer of protection with a free mobile app, Rave Guardian, that turns any smartphone into a personal safety device.

By downloading Rave Guardian to a mobile phone, you can invite friends and family — even if they don’t have the Rave Guardian app installed on their phone — to join your network as “guardians.” When needed, users can request one or more of their guardians to “virtually” walk with them on or off campus.

Learn more about Rave Guardian on your campus: MU and UM System, UMKC, Missouri S&T or UMSL.

You are supported, valued and empowered.

Did you know that employees are eligible to receive a 75% tuition reduction after six months of continuous employment? In addition, if an employee has one or more years of continuous, full-time service, their spouse or dependent is eligible for a 50% reduction as well. See the tuition assistance webpage for more information.

Learn, discover and innovate each day.

Career planning support modules are available when you log into Percipio with your normal university ID and password:

You work in a safe, inclusive, transparent environment.

Learning is an inherent part of our University’s culture and mission and the foundation of learning is meaningful discussion and respectful engagement with people who might hold different experiences and values. Remaining open and curious is a great way to understand more about the people around you and to help them understand you, as well. Our Tips for Talking About Race guide can help you navigate through challenging discussions. We recommend you use the tips in the document for any conversation surrounding personal and complex issues.


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Reviewed 2021-07-01