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Data Governance


Data governance is the formalization of policies, processes and practices that inform how an institution’s data will be defined, accessed and used in order to enhance institutional effectiveness.

Why data governance is important

  • A well-formalized data governance plan brings value to institutions: 
    • Having official definitions rather than ad hoc definitions. 
    • Clear responsibilities (e.g., steward, governance council) related to data. 
    • High capacity for analytics given the accessibility and trustworthiness of the data.  
  • There are real costs associated with having an inefficient and ineffective data enterprise. Poorly governed and managed data leads to an inability to use data to make critical decisions. And if decisions are made with this data, those decisions will likely not be trusted.  
  • And there are real risks when an institution is unable to provide accurate data for reporting and compliance, fines can be imposed.  

Organization chart

Data Governance Organizational chart

Executive Data Governance Council

  • Beth Chancellor, UM Vice President for Technology & MU Chief Information Officer 
  • Kamrhan Farwell, MU Vice Chancellor for Marketing & Communications and UM Chief Marketing & Communications Officer 
  • Marsha Fischer, UM Associate Vice President of Human Resources & Chief Human Resources Officer 
  • Steve Graham, Senior Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs, UM 
  • Matt Gunkel, Chief Online Learning and Technology Officer, UM 
  • Christine Holt, Chief of Staff, UM/MU 
  • Ryan Rapp, Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer, UM  
  • Tom Spencer, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development, MU
  • Marshall Stewart, MU Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement & UM System Chief Engagement Officer 
  • Rick Barohn, Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs 
  • UM Institutional Effectiveness Advisory Board
    • Dick Brow, Interim Deputy Provost for Academic Excellence, S&T 
    • Kelline Cox, Vice Provost, Institutional Effectiveness, UMKC 
    • Chris Riley-Tillman, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness
    • Michael Allison, Faculty Fellow for Assessment Data and Analysis, UMSL
  • University Enrollment Management
    • Kim Humphrey, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, MU 
    • Shobi Sivadasan, Vice Provost of Enrollment Management, S&T
    • Doug Swink, Assistant Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, UMKC
    • Dixie Williams, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Enrollment, UMSL

UM System Strategic Data Governance Council Core Lead Team

  • Kathy Felts, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics, UM 
  • Julie Brandt, Planning Expert 
  • Mardy Eimers, Executive Director of Institutional Research and Analytics
  • Jeff Elliott, Lead Data Analyst and Data Architect
  • Misty Haskamp, Director of Enrollment Management Research, MU 
  • Wayne Jones, Senior Director of Institutional Research and Data Management, S&T 
  • Carol Sholy, Manager, Institutional Research, UMSL 
  • Amy Prettejohn, Senior Principal Analyst, Planning, Analysis and Decision Support, UMKC 
  • Karla Dowd, Director of Finance, Enterprise 
  • Matt Gunkel, Chief Online Learning and Technology Officer, UM 
  • Chase Hickman, Data Analytics Senior Lead, UM 
  • Kirk Keller, Director, Enterprise Architecture, UM 

Tactical (Data Stewards)

Admissions   Chuck May (UG)
Terrence Grus (GRAD)
Jennifer Bayless Elora Thomas Dixie Williams
Student Records/ Census   Brenda Selman Deanne Jackson Amy Cole Theresa Keuss
Financial Aid Karla Dowd Emily Haynam Bridgette Betz Scott Young Svetlana Veljkovich
Finance Eric Vogelweid Todd Mackley Cuba Plain Karen Wilkerson Tanika Busch
HR Chase Hickman Sheryl Cullina Rhonda Beyers Cory Kinder Jim Hertel




Reviewed 2021-02-18