Secure Authentication Applications

By registering with the Secure Authentication toolkit, you're taking an important step to safeguarding your personal information as well as University data!

Two-factor (2FA) verification requires more than just a password to gain access to University IT systems. This second layer of security enforces an additional authentication method, such as a passcode (sent through email, voice, or text message) for authentication to be granted to our electronic systems. 

To stay secure on the go, you can download the toolkit’s mobile application and/or desktop application! The application will serve as another option (other than SMS text, voice, or email) for you to obtain your passcode. 

How to Download the Mobile App:

The following application can be downloaded from your device’s application store:

  • Apple: SecureAuth Authenticate
  • Android: SecureAuth Authenticate
  • Windows: SecureAuth Passcode
  • Blackberry: SecureAuthOTP

To use the app, follow these instructions:

  1. Download and follow prompts on the installer. Note: In order to use some of the authorization features, you must have your notifications enabled for the application on your device.
  2. Click begin setup button. (You must enroll with the URL currently, because we do not have the QR code available).
  3. Enter Click enroll.
  4. Enter your University username and password. Click submit.
  5. Select your preferred 2FA passcode options: email, voice, or SMS/Text
  6. Enter the passcode you received and click submit.
  7. Create a 4 digit PIN. Congratulations!  Your account has been created.

Desktop Applications:

For workstations, you may download a desktop application from

  • Mac: SecureAuth Passcode (for OS X)
  • Microsoft Windows: SecureAuth Passcode

Click download and follow the prompts on the installer.

Using the Application:

For instance, when utilizing the Secure Authentication toolkit’s “forgot password” function, you can retrieve your passcode through the mobile application.

When prompted to choose a delivery method for your passcode, you can select:

  • Send login request to <device name>
  • Send passcode to <device name>
  • Time-based passcode

Make your selection in your web browser, then sign in to your SecureAuth mobile application on your device to proceed. 

If you have any questions about password management, contact your respective campus’s IT Tech Support team.

Reviewed April 30, 2018.