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Why is a PIN required to access UM email on my mobile device?
This is a security feature required to prevent unauthorized access to your University email account. Without a passcode or equivalent protection such as fingerprint or facial recognition, anyone with physical access to your phone has access to your University email account.
Can I use fingerprint or facial recognition instead of typing a PIN code?
Yes. Fingerprint or facial recognition may be available on your device to enable the PIN code.
When I accept the policy to activate the PIN security feature, will other actions be performed on my phone?
When you accept the policy, you may receive a message that notes that the University mail server must be able to remotely control some security features on your device and that accepting this setting will allow operations to be performed, including erasing all data on the phone. Please note, accepting this policy will NOT:
  1. Erase any data on your device
  2. Disable, block or remove any applications
  3. Disable or remove any device features or services
The University will not manage, wipe or otherwise configure your mobile device. The ONLY change being required is a four-digit PIN to unlock the device screen. This aligns with other protective policies that you have agreed to by setting up access to your University email account on a mobile device. These include the ability for IT staff to:
  • Perform a factory reset to completely wipe your device (happens only by request from the account or device owner)
  • Wipe only University email data from your device - depending on the version/build of the device
What happens if I choose not to accept the policy?
If you choose not to accept the policy, you will not be able to set up an email application to access your University email account on your device. Instead, you will need to use a web browser on the device to access email through webmail.
I already have a PIN. Do I need to take any action?
If you have an Android device and already have a PIN, that will continue to work as usual. If you are using a pattern lock on Android, it will be replaced with a PIN and pattern lock will be disabled by the policy.
If you have an iOS device and you have already enabled a regular passcode or touch ID, those will continue to work normally.

Devices are unique depending on the model and version of software that they are running. If you have any questions, please contact your campus IT help desk for assistance.

Reviewed 2020-12-08