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UM System Links Communities through Federal Broadband Infrastructure Efforts

On June 13, President Barack Obama signed an executive order to accelerate broadband infrastructure deployment throughout the country.  The US Ignite Partnership—a public-private partnership among federal agencies, partners from industry, the non-profit sector and local communities—hopes to bring high-speed, programmable broadband to the American people.

The collaborative effort will help link communities, launch new business and generate jobs centered on six areas of national priority: education and workforce development, advanced manufacturing, health, transportation, public safety and clean energy. Find out how the UM System is involved:

Access to Major Medical Centers in Your Backyard

With the aid of the Federal Communications Commission’s rural health care program, the University of Missouri Health System's Missouri Telehealth Network uses a high-speed backbone network to link five major medical centers with more than 90 rural healthcare providers, which enables patients to access medical specialists via telemedicine while staying near their rural homes.

The network plans to lend its expertise to a partnership of US Ignite with researchers and network experts at the University of Missouri.

Health Care at Home

The Center for Eldercare and Rehabilitation Technology at the University of Missouri is leading a new National Science Foundation project to create an in-home health alert system that offers remote care coordination.  In essence, a monitoring system installed in senior housing captures data and generates alerts about health changes, thereby facilitating early interventions.  

Future development with the MTN, MOREnet, and the University of Missouri will connect sites that provide eldercare monitoring on a high-speed national network such that locations like Iowa, Cleveland Clinics, and others can interoperate using the latest in networking technologies for healthcare, education and research.