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MU Spinoff Partners to Develop Drugs Using Nanotechnology

Nanopartical Biochem Inc. was formed in 2004 as a spinoff of MU, and their research in biotechnology has the potential to change many things we deal with on a daily basis. They have had their research verified by other researchers, and have been looking for funding to get their ideas off the ground. Now, they've partnered with an Indian pharmaceuticals firm to produce cancer drugs using gold particles, but they still need capital to move forward.

“If you drop a truckload of money off in our driveway, we’re off,” NBI President and Chief Executive Officer Henry White told the Columbia Daily Tribune.

The company, which employes five researchers, has had several potential investors meet with them, but they want to keep their work local and help bring green jobs to the Columbia area.

“We do have a real interest to set up the manufacturing base here in Columbia,” researcher Kattesh Katti told the Tribune. “It is a technology developed in Columbia, and we would like to see how the local region can benefit.”