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UMKC Faculty Member Develops New Biometrics Technology

Reza Derakhshani developed a new technology to scan the whites of the eyes as a means for biometric identification.

For Reza Derakhshani, assistant professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City's School of Computing and Engineering, the whites of the eyes represent a new form of biometrics.  Biometrics encompasses methods for uniquely recognizing humans based on individual traits such as fingerprints, voice, face and handwriting. 

Analyzing the random pattern of the iris is a common approach, but to scan this feature the eye must be very close to the camera and positioned directly in front of the camera for a scan to read.  By using the other part of the eye, the white of the eye, Derakhshani has developed a newly patented biometric modality to read the thin, clear membrane that coats the outer surface of the eye.   

The membrane, known as conjunctiva, is unique to each individual and can identify an individual as well as a fingerprint. He hopes the application will enhance biometrics for security and personal identification for areas such as e-commerce, health care and to avoid fraud.