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Board Meeting Agenda


Christian Basi

July 21, 2006

Jennifer Hollingshead
Office: (573) 882-0601

Public Meeting Notice

University of Missouri Board of Curators


General Business (to begin at 8 a.m., Friday, July 21, 2006)

  • Board president’s report
  • University president’s report
  • “Did you know…”, UMHC

Consent Agenda

  • Minutes: May 4-5, 2006 Board of Curators Meeting and June 20, 2006 Executive Committee Meeting
  • Degrees, Summer Session 2006
  • Energy Leveraged Loan Program of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, UMKC
  • Amendment to Section 110.080 of the Collected Rules and Regulations, Naming of University Buildings, Locations and Other Major Facilities
  • Annual report on parental notification of alcohol and controlled substances violations
  • Spinal cord injuries and congenital or acquired disease processes research program proposals
  • School of Nursing honor code, UMKC
  • Resolution, University of Missouri Delta Research Center

General Business

  • Executive Order on intercollegiate athletics
  • University of Missouri Research Foundation
  • Revisions to Collected Rules and Regulations, 10.030, Board Bylaws

Conflict of Interest

  • Board policy on ethics and conflict of interest
  • University of Missouri Board of Curators’ conflict of interest disclosure form and University of Missouri Board of Curators’ initial family disclosure form

Academic and Student Affairs

  • Master of Science in Anesthesia, UMKC
  • Ph.D. in Informatics, UMC

Compensation and Human Resources

  • University faculty and staff benefits plan update
  • Amendment to Collected Rules and Regulations, 10.050 D, Compensation and Human Resources Committee

Finance and Audit

  • FY 2008 appropriations request for operations, UM

Physical Facilities and Management Services

  • Campus Capital plans, UM
  • State capital appropriations request, Fiscal Year 2008, UM
  • Campus Master Plan, UMC
  • University of Missouri Health Care Master Facility Plan, UMHC
  • University Hospital Surgery Tower, UMHC
  • Schematic design for Columbia Regional Hospital, 4th floor renovation, UMHC
  • Schematic design for Lafferre Hall (Engineering Building East) Addition, UMC
  • Schematic design for Schurz Hall and Bingham Dining Hall Renovation, UMC
  • Schematic design for International Institute for Nano and Molecular Medicine, UMC
  • MU research reactor center addition, UMC
  • South campus parking structure, UMSL
  • Medical education instruction and support, UMKC
  • eProcurement contract, UM
  • Naming of campus trail and placement of Wayne Goode Statue, UMSL

Resources and Planning

  • Administrative streamlining report

General Business

  • Resolution, Closed Meeting

General Business

The Board will enter into closed session pursuant to Section 610.021(1), Section 610.021(2), Section 610.021(3), 610.021(12), and 610.021(13) for consideration of certain personnel, property, litigation and contract items, all as authorized by law. The closed meeting will be held in Pavilion Room 5, Intercontinental Hotel on the Plaza, Kansas City, Mo.  

  • Information item (no vote taken)
  • Action item (vote taken)

Note:  Items identified as “information” above are based on reasonable pre-meeting expectations, but all topics listed on the above agenda, including those identified as information items, may be the subject of votes in addition to discussion.

Copies of the Board papers are available the Tuesday before the meeting at these locations:  University Communications, 309B University Hall, Columbia; University Communications, 300C Administrative Center, UM-Kansas City; News Services, 105 Campus Support Facility, UM-Rolla; and University Affairs, 426 Woods Hall, UM-St. Louis. Appropriate charges will be assessed for photocopies. Board papers will also be available on the Web at the following address: https://uminfopoint.missouri.edu/board/default.aspx