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Board Meeting Notice


Christian Basi

July 23, 2005


Public Meeting Notice

The Board of Curators will convene an open meeting at 9:25 a.m., Friday, July 23, 2004 in conference room 572, Life Sciences Center, University of Missouri-Columbia campus and reconvene the open meeting at 12 P.M. (or on conclusion of closed session) in the H. Richard Adams University of Missouri-Columbia campus.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Open Meeting 9:15 A.M.

Conference Room 572, Life Sciences Center, UM-Columbia campus

General Business

  • Approval of entering into closed session.

Closed Meeting 9:16 A.M.

Conference Room 572, Life Sciences Center, UM-Columbia campus

A closed meeting of the UM Board of Curators will be held for consideration of certain personnel, property and litigations items, all as authorized by law and upon approval of resolution by the Board of Curators.

Open Meeting 12:00 P.M., or upon conclusion of the closed meeting

H. Richard Adams Conference Center, Vet Med Building, UM-Columbia Campus

Board Development

  • MU Health Sciences update
  • Sunshine law revisions

General Business

  • University President's report

Consent Agenda

  • Approval of meeting minutes
  • Revised 2004 Board of Curators meeting calendar
  • Approval of degrees, Summer Semester 2004
  • Revision of Collected Rules and Regulations 340.030, sick leave, UM
  • Revisions to Collected Rules and Regulations 320.060, probationary period, UM

Resources and Planning

  • Approval of Strategic Plan

Academic and Student Affairs

  • Program audit update
  • Approval of master of occupational therapy, UM-Columbia
  • Approval of bachelor of science in interdisciplinary engineering, UM-Rolla
  • Approval of bachelor of liberal studies, UM-St. Louis

Finance and Human Resources

  • Internal audit summary reports, UM
  • Fair labor standards act new regulations
  • FY2006 appropriations request for operations, UM
  • Shaw Group LLC agreement, UM

Physical Facilities and Management Services

  • Student Center status report, UM-Kansas City
  • Natural Bridge site redevelopment plans, UM-St. Louis
  • State capital appropriations request, Fiscal Year 2006, UM
  • Approval of change of appearance of Swine Research and Resource Center, UM-Columbia
  • Approval of naming of the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Building, UM-Rolla

General Business

  • Approval of resolution, Richard L. Wallace, Ph.D.
  • Adjourn
  • Information item (no vote taken)
  • Action item (vote taken)
Copies of the Board papers are available the Monday before the meeting at these locations: UM University Relations, 828 Lewis Hall, Columbia; University Communications, 300C Administrative Center, UM-Kansas City; News Services, 105 Campus Support Facility, UM-Rolla; and University Relations, 426 Woods Hall, UM-St. Louis. Appropriate charges will be assessed for photocopies.