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Statement from University of Missouri Board Chair Cheryl Walker


Christian Basi

July 09, 2008

Earlier today, Governor Matt Blunt vetoed Senate Bill 873, which would have made the ninth voting member of the University of Missouri board of Curators a voting student representative, provided that Missouri loses a congressional seat as a result of the 2010 census.

The chair of the University of Missouri Board of Curators, Cheryl Walker, issued the following statement in response to Governor Blunt’s veto:

"I'd like to personally thank and applaud Governor Blunt for his actions today. Governor Blunt has consistently demonstrated his support for higher education in Missouri and for the University of Missouri in particular.

"How redistricting should impact the University of Missouri should not be decided in advance of exploring, developing and studying all options that may be available in the event our state loses a congressional seat in 2010. Governor Blunt's actions demonstrate his continued understanding and appreciation of the role of the University of Missouri in our great State and that alterations to the makeup of the voting membership of the Board should not be decided in a vacuum.

"The board has been fortunate to have a long line of excellent non-voting student representatives serve on the board. We look forward to their continued active participation in the board’s deliberations."