University of Missouri President Elson S. Floyd Addresses SMSU Name Change Issue, University Efficiencies


Christian Basi

February 04, 2005

Contact: Jennifer Hollingshead
Office: (573) 882-0601

University of Missouri President Elson S. Floyd Addresses   SMSU Name Change Issue, University Efficiencies

COLUMBIA—President Elson S. Floyd addressed the attempt by Southwest Missouri State University to change its name to Missouri State University during his remarks to the UM Board of Curators today. Noting that the final decision regarding the name change will be made by the Missouri General Assembly, Floyd said that any legislation regarding the name change should contain the following:

  • An affirmation of the exclusive research and land-grant responsibilities of the University of Missouri
  • A commitment not to duplicate academic programs already offered by the University of Missouri
  • A legislative commitment not to give a greater percentage increase in funding to Southwest Missouri State than to the University of Missouri.

“The state can ill-afford to fund a second research university in Missouri, given the limited financial resources available and the state’s fiduciary responsibilities and obligations to its citizens,” Floyd said.

Floyd also called for University of Missouri administrators to begin a review of fee policies. Floyd said that the UM educational fee increase of 3.5 percent for the next academic year was as low as possible, given fiscal circumstances.

Floyd further announced an executive order asking his general officers to conduct a comprehensive review of the University of Missouri’s administrative structure, program and service delivery mechanisms. This will include the possibility of leaving open vacant administrative positions for which no offers have already been made.

“It is important to be abundantly clear that our overarching goal will be to raise the University of Missouri into the ranks of the nation’s great, world-class universities,” Floyd said. “Our state and its people deserve nothing less.”

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