About Fast Track Funding Awards


UM FastTrack is a funding program of the UM Office of Academic Affairs, Research and Economic Development. The program is directed toward the development, testing, prototype construction, or market analysis of innovative technologies originating from a campus of the University of Missouri System. To date, the program has contributed significantly to the development and commercialization of many exciting technologies yielding academic and financial returns to the University and economic development for the state.


The UM Office of Academic Affairs, Research and Economic Development provides funding up to $50,000 per proposal to support prospects from each of the UM campuses. Tenured/tenure-track faculty and full-time ranked, non-tenure research faculty are invited to submit proposals. Funding under this program is to allow recipients to focus on development, testing, or prototype construction, and/or conduct specific market research. This evaluation may lead to industry collaboration, licensing, the formation of a new company, or the development of the technology for commercial application. Funds received are not to be used for basic research, but to evaluate and advance the commercial potential of existing research. The funding request should be the lowest cost proposal to complete the work.

Reviewed August 03, 2016.