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Funding Recipients

2017 Funding Recipients

Recipient Title Campus
Roger de la Torre Antimicrobial Peptide Amphiphile (AMPA) Coatings Columbia
Lin Chung-Ho A novel continuous flow system for blood type conversion Columbia
John Robertson Targeted Alpha Therapy for Pulmonary Metastic Disease Columbia
Zhonghua Peng Inexpensive dopant-free hole transporting materials for highly efficient and stable perovskite solar cells Kansas City
Faisal Khan Intelligent IGBT/MOSFET Gate Driver Module with Embedded State of Health Estimator Unit Kansas City
Masud Chowdhury On-Chip Integration of High-Speed Voltage Regulator for a Reconfigurable Scheme to Manage Power, Temperature and Reliability in the Next Generation Integrated Circuits Kansas City
Mark Hunter OPT Colposcopy Columbia
George Gokel Synthetic Amphiphiles as Antimicrobial Adjuvants Against Pneumonia St. Louis

Reviewed June 16, 2017.