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IDIC Research Program

UPDATE: After discussions between UM System personnel, Campus Research Officers and Interim President Middleton, the decision has been made to put the current round of Interdisciplinary Intercampus Funding Program (IDIC) on hold until we have a better understanding of the program impact and our budget situation. We hope to be able to reinstate the program in the future once the budget picture is more clear and the campus and system funding priorities have been established.

OBJECTIVE: This program is intended to increase interdisciplinary and intercampus (IDIC) research collaborations to leverage the intellectual capital and resources at the four University of Missouri campuses.

DESCRIPTION: All tenured/tenure-track Faculty and full-time Ranked, Non-tenure Research Faculty are invited to submit short proposals requesting funding to seed the development of:

  • Proposals to be submitted to federal agencies for establishing centers, such as the NSF Science and Technology Center;
  • High impact research with a higher priority for research clusters to address the current 21st Century Grand Challenges; or
  • Other high impact research addressing significant national problems/priorities

Reviewed 2019-08-05