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Application Instructions

Proposal Title

Proposal Summary: In less than 200 words, summarize objectives, novelty and significance of the proposed research, general approach

Narrative: in less than 1000 words, describe overall and specific objectives, potentially transformative concepts, significance of the study to advancing knowledge and understanding in specific disciplines, proposed activities, and expected results

Future Support: in less than 100 words, describe how the research results from this proposed study would increase your potential to obtain extramural funding, and names of agencies and specific programs that could potentially provide follow-on funding for your proposed research.

Sustainability Plan: in less than 100 words, describe how the collaboration will be sustained beyond the one year IDIC seed funding.

Budget: Category (personnel, supplies, etc), campus, description, amount, and justification

BUDGET NOTES: The funding shall be used to support undergraduate students, graduate students or post-doctoral fellows, materials and supplies, and travel between University of Missouri campuses and to research sites.

The IDIC research program will NOT provide certain types of support. These include:

  • academic or summer salaries for faculty on 9 or 11-month appointments (includes ranked, non-tenure track faculty whose title includes the word Professor)
  • student tuition or fees
  • graduate research assistantship appointments for greater than 50 percent time
  • stipends for graduate students not enrolled at the University during the academic year
  • attend conferences
  • book publication subventions for non-refereed or commercial presses
  • computer time or data ports on University computers
  • dissertation preparation costs (copying, typing, binding)
  • construction and remodeling of facilities, equipment maintenance costs
  • professional dues/memberships/subscriptions
  • secretarial support
  • general departmental supplies

These examples are intended to be illustrative, not all-inclusive. Applicants are encouraged to present and justify only their most critical needs, recognizing that resources are limited in relation to the needs for research support.

Reviewed 2019-08-05