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Funding Recipients

Funding Recipients: 2015

Principal Investigator: David Beversdorf, MU
Co-Principal Investigators: Anne Foundas, UMKC; Catherine Hagan, MU; Zohreh Talebizadeh, UMKC; Matthew Will, MU
Epigenetic and immune factors in the effect of maternal stress exposure on autism.

Principal Investigator: Joshua Rovey, S&T
Co-Principal Investigators: Henry Pernicka, S&T; Sheila Baker, MU; Gary Baker, MU
Multi-mode Rocket for CubeSats

Principal Investigator: Mahmoud Almasri, MU
Co-Principal Investigators: Edward Kinzel, S&T
Metasurface Enabled Advanced Microbolometer Architecture for Infrared Sensing and Fundamental Thermal Transport Investigation

Principal Investigator: Paul Rulis, UMKC
Co-Principal Investigators: Scott Curtis, UMKC; Trupti Joshi, MU
A Unified Data Format and Exchange Mechanism for Condensed Matter Electronic Structure Simulations with Incentivized Participation

Principal Investigator: Sonya Bahar, UMSL
Co-Principal Investigators: Steffen Vojta, S&T; Nevena Maric, UMSL; Wendy Olivas, UMSL
Phase Transitions in silico and in vivo

Principal Investigator: Heng Pan, S&T
Co-Principal Investigators: Deb Chatterjee
An impedance self-adaptive skin-complaint RF power scavenger for mobile healthcare and human-machine interface

Principal Investigator: George Gokel, UMSL
Co-Principal Investigators: Henry Foley, MU
Nanoporous Carbon as a Novel and Selective Hydrogenation Methodology

Principal Investigator: James Bashkin, UMSL
Co-Principal Investigators: William Miller, MU; Scott Givan, MU
Prevention of Cervical Cancer: Footprinting Anti-HPV Drug-DNA Interactions in Live Cells Using Gamma Ray-Generated Hydroxyl Radicals and Next-Generation DNA Sequencing

Principal Investigator: ZhiQiang Chen, UMKC
Co-Principal Investigators: Xiaoming He, S&T
Development and Application of a Hybrid Material Point and Immersed Finite Element Method (MPM-IFE) to Soil-Water Flow Modeling Considering Hydrophobicity

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