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Previously Funded

Funding Recipients: 2014

Principal Investigator: Bhajanjit Bal, MU
Co-Principal Investigators: Kattesh Katti, MU; Mohamed Rahaman, Missouri S&T; Charlotte Phillips, MU; Ming Leu, Missouri S&T; Ganesh Thiagarajan, UMKC; Yong Want, UMKC
Healing Chronic Bone Infection Using Bioactive Glass

Principal Investigator: Deb Chatterjee, UMKC
Co-Principal Investigators: Allison Kabel, MU; Carla Allen, MU
Ultrawideband Microwave Imaging for Early Detection of Breast Cancer Tumors 

Principal Investigator: George Gokel, Jr; UMSL
Co-Principal Investigator: Gavin King, MU
Mechanistic studies of amphiphile-enhanced antibiotic potency 

Principal Investigator: Heng Pan, Missouri S&T
Co-Principal Investigators: Zhonghua Peng, UMKC; Xiaobo Chen, UMKC
Innovative Thermal Processing of Nanomaterials in response to DOE Sunshot Innitiatives

Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Rydberg-Cox, UMKC
Co-Principal Investigators: Virginia Blanton, UMKC; Nathan Oyler, UMKC; Reza Derakhshani, UMKC; Stuart Hinds, UMKC; Anna Stanton, MU; Alla Barabtarlo, MU
Multispectral Analysis of Missouri’s Cultural Resources 

Principal Investigator: Jie Gao, Missouri S&T
Co-Principal Investigator: Ping Yu, MU
Three-dimensional quantum holography using plasmonic metasurface for neuroimaging 

Principal Investigator: Mark Hoffman, UMKC
Co-Principal Investigators: Bimal Balakrishnan, MU; Gregory King, UMKC
Informatic and Architectural Analysis of Human Performance in a Clinical Simulation Setting 

Principal Investigator: Xiaodong Yang, Missouri S&T
Co-Principal Investigator: Eric Majzoub, UMSL
High-Efficiency Solar Hydrogen Production and High-Capacity Hydrogen Storage Enhanced by Nanostructured Materials


Funding Recipients: 2013

Principal Investigator: Paul Rulls, UMKC
Co-principal Investigator: Jianlin Cheng, MU
Neural network driven ab initio electronic structure calculations of complex bio-materials

Principal Investigator: Amanda S. Bruce, UMKC
Co-principal Investigators: S. N. Balakrishnan, Missouri S&T; Seung Lark Lim, UMKC 
A Quantum Leap

Principal Investigator: Frank W. Booth, MU
Co-principal Investigator: George Taylor, UMSL; Dennis Miller, MU
Effects of high and low voluntary running genetics on stress and depression outcomes in females

Principal Investigator: Charlotte Phillips, MU
Co-principal Investigator: Laura Schulz, MU; Sarah Dallas, UMKC; Yong Wang, UMKC
Impact of Maternal Myostatin Levels During Fetal Development on Bone Strength in Adulthood: A New Potential Therapeutic Target for Bone Health

Principal Investigator: Jennifer Lundgren, UMKC
Co-principal Investigator: Matthew Thimgan, Missouri S&T; Jeffrey Price, UMKC; Chen Hou, Missouri S&T
Insomnia and Obesity

Principal Investigator: Grace Y. Sun, MU
Co-principal Investigator: Rensheng Luo, UMSL; Todd Schachtman, MU; Kevin Fritsche, MU
Anti-inflammatory effects of acai (Euterpe oleracea Martius)

 Principal Investigator: Henry M. Miziorko, UMKC
Co-principal Investigator: John Walker, UMSL; Brian Geisbrecht, UMKC
Collaborative Discovery, Design and Evaluation of Anti-infective Agents

Principal Investigator: Manashi Nath, Missouri S&T
Co-principal Investigator: Kattesh Katti, MU
Collaborative Venture for Designing Novel Multifunctional Nanomaterials and Investigating Their Potential Application in Biomedical Platforms

Principal Investigator: Xiaodong Yang, Missouri S&T
Co-principal Investigator: Shubhra Gangopadhyay, MU
Plasmonic Nanostructures and Optical Metamaterials Enhanced High-Efficiency Solar Cells

Principal Investigator: Bethany K. Zolman, UMSL
Co-principal Investigator: Gayla Olbricht, Missouri S&T; Chang-See Kim, Missouri S&T
Using New Technologies to Dissect Root Initiation Pathways

Principal Investigator: Faith Dogan, Missouri S&T
Co-principal Investigator: Prakash Reddy, Missouri S&T; Yangchuan Xing, MU; Eric Majzoub, UMSL
An Interdisciplinary Research Program on Development of Safe and High Energy Density Lithium-Air Batteries

Principal Investigator: Yahong Rosa Zheng, Missouri S&T
Co-principal Investigator: Lixin Ma, MU
Ultra-fast 4D magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for characterizing diastolic dysfunction

Principal Investigator: Gary Baker, MU
Co-principal Investigator: George Gokel, UMSL; Sheila Baker, MU
Tailored Synthesis of Carbon Quantum Dots and a Pilot Examination of Their Potential in Solar Cells

 Principal Investigator: Ceki Halmen, UMKC
Co-principal Investigator: Haitao Li, UMSL
Decision Support Tool Model for Scheduling and Resource Allocation in Contruction Projects

 Principal Investigator: Dincer Konur, Missouri S&T
Co-principal Investigator: James Campbell, UMSL
Analysis of Carbon Emission Regulations in Supply Chains with Volatile Demand

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