Research Board

We are only accepting applications for the categories of Humanities and Fine Arts and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Any other applications received will be disqualified from the competition.

About the Research Board

The University of Missouri Research Board consists of 22 faculty members appointed by the president for two-year terms. Its mission is to enhance the long-term quality and quantity of scholarship throughout the university by supporting meritorious research projects. An important goal is to provide seed funding for research initiatives with significant potential for high return on investment, in terms of future external funding, student theses and dissertation, publications, presentations, exhibitions, or other figures of merit associated with high-quality scholarship and research.

This support is intended to:

  • help promising new faculty initiate their research programs
  • provide seed money to test new ideas in their preliminary stages before enough data have been gathered to submit a proposal for external funding
  • provide modest resources for excellent scholarship in fields for which external support may be quite limited

The Board considers these key factors in the review of projects:

  • quality of the proposed research or creative activity
  • importance and probable impact the proposed work may have on the field
  • potential of the project to obtain future external funding
  • potential value for enhancing the stature of the university
  • project design and procedures
  • resources and environment available to carry out the project
  • value for development of the applicant's research potential
  • quality, productivity, and current research funding of the applicant
  • budget appropriateness in terms of the project and the board's resources, including consideration of need and availability of external support

Projects that would not be possible without UMRB funding and which have significant promise for long term impact are of particular interest, since such projects may generate substantial return on investment over the investigator’s career. Proposals from young faculty are encouraged, in part because a modest investment may make a large impact over the course of their career. New initiatives of senior faculty who are expanding beyond their traditional areas of expertise are also encouraged. All funding, regardless of the rank of the applicant, is extremely competitive.

The board has established programs for:

  • individual or collaborative projects
  • book publication subventions

No funds are set aside for specific programs or for specific types of proposals, though in 2014 the UMRB elected to set aside at least $150,000 per competition to promote research in the Arts and Humanities. Inter-departmental, inter-campus collaboration and new cross-disciplinary research initiatives are encouraged and may strengthen a proposal and serve as a positive factor in its evaluation. A commitment of partial support for a project from the campus, college or unit is not required, but it may be a positive factor in the review.

Awards are not renewable. The research board will not serve as a source of continuing support for specific projects or facilities. Awards normally are for a one-year period, but longer terms (up to a maximum of two years) are permitted if fully justified in the proposal.

Reviewed August 29, 2017.