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Application and Review Process

Application Process

The research board application process is mostly an online submission. One completed copy of a printed proposal with the campus required form must be processed through your campus officials office. Please click here to see each designated campus office’s contact information.

Applications, including application forms, narrative portion and detailed budget, must be completed and submitted on the Research Board Grant Application System before one of the designated deadlines.  If primary applicant has received a previous research board award, within the last 5 years, a copy of your award report(s) MUST be included. Proposals not meeting the application guidelines will not be considered.

Each campus has designated an official who is responsible for certifying campus approvals for human subjects, vertebrate animals, recombinant DNA, etc., and for establishing and administering accounts. All applications to the research board must be signed by this campus official (or a designated representative) to certify the commitment of the campus to administer the project should an award be made.

Normally attachments/addendums are NOT allowable with the application. A few exceptions would apply for inclusion of CD or DVD of audio/visual materials which may be justified for some fine arts applications and should be sent to the Research Board Office with your application. The other exception would be letters from external sources who may plan to make donations to the project. Check with your campus official or the Research Board Office to see if what you would like to include is allowable. These types of materials should be forwarded electronically to the Research Board Office. Applicant should include a statement within the narrative indicating materials will be made available to reviewers through the Research Board Office. Applications with appendices other than those specified will be returned without review.

All proposals are considered confidential and will not be shared with others without specific approval of the applicant.

Review Process

The research board consists of members chosen for their scholarship,  expertise and administrative ability. The members are all full-time faculty who are leaders in their field.

The board’s executive secretary refers the applications to the board and administers its recommendations. If you have questions or desire guidance in the preparation of a proposal, please contact him at the research board office.

The board has organized itself into review subcommittees according to disciplinary areas. These are:

  • Engineering
  • Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences and Mathematics
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences

Each subcommittee is interdisciplinary and is composed of at least three research board members. The review subcommittee members select peer reviewers. Three peer reviews are sought for each proposal.  Reviewers have access to the on-line version of the application and a copy of the research board’s peer review sheet, listing the criteria for evaluating projects. Reviewers then return their evaluations and recommendations to the subcommittee in advance of board consideration of the proposal.

The subcommittees make recommendations to the entire Board based on the peer reviewers’ comments and their own judgment. After consideration of the recommendations and discussion, a final decision is made by the board. Consideration of a proposal may be deferred if additional reviewers or information are needed. In such cases, the executive secretary will contact the applicant to explain what information is required. If supplementary materials are provided before the next application deadline, the proposal will be reconsidered at the next board meeting. If the requested information is not received, the proposal will be withdrawn from consideration.

The board’s decision, and the primary reasons for it, are communicated by email to the primary applicant. Copies of the award letters are emailed to the designated campus official. Copies of the peer reviewers’ comments to the primary applicant are available on line.  Peer comments are considered confidential and will not be provided to anyone other than the primary applicant unless specifically approved.

Reviewed September 03, 2013.