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Book Publication Subvention Guidelines

Book Publication Subventions should be submitted as an Individual/Collaborative Project

The research board will provide book publication assistance to faculty in cases where the publisher:

  • is a non-commercial press
  • uses a peer-review mechanism for selecting books to publish, and
  • stipulates that a subvention is necessary for the book to be published, as in the case where the anticipated sale is too small or too slow to permit timely recovery by the publishers of the initial production expense.
  • Authors should not suggest the possibility of a publication subvention in their communications with publishers.

The research board’s policy for publication subventions requires that a copy is provided of all peer reviews available and specific terms of the proposed contract between author and publisher, including the subvention required and the terms under which any revenue generated by the sale of the work shall be returned to the author. Please scan both the peer reviews you have received and the proposed contract and append to the end of your narrative. Your narrative may still be 10 pages in length with the peer reviews and contract as additional pages.

The author shall provide a copy of the book or a copy of a CD ROM to the research board for its inspection. The Board will then donate the book to the library on the author’s campus.

Reviewed August 28, 2014.