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Eligibility Guidelines

We are only accepting applications for the categories of Humanities and Fine Arts and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Any other applications received will be disqualified from the competition.

Applications must be initiated by faculty to fill a specific need for support. Each proposal must have a primary applicant (or principal investigator) responsible for conducting the project and submitting a final report. Collaborative projects may have one or more co-applicants.

Tenured or tenure-track faculty members are eligible to apply as primary applicants. Ranked, non-tenure-track faculty whose eligibility has been approved previously by the board may also apply. Non-tenure track faculty may serve as co-applicants. In exceptional cases that present advantages for the university, emeritus faculty may be considered for support.

Non-tenure track research faculty must apply for eligibility. Eligibility can be sought at any time.  The UMRB will return a decision on eligibility within 10 working days of submission. For a full description of the eligibility and application requirements, please see the NTT Eligibility Application Form

Only one proposal from a primary applicant will be considered in any review cycle. If an applicant is a co-applicant on a different proposal in the same review cycle, the Board will take into account the multiplicity of requests to fund the same applicant and this may have a negative effect in the review process. 

Revised Proposals:  Proposals revised in response to a previous review will be considered, but repeated submission of the same proposal is discouraged. The maximum number of resubmissions of the same project is limited to two over a five year time period. Revised applications judged to have little or no change may not be sent out for peer review.

Primary applicants who have received a research board award may apply again no sooner than one year from the official end date of the most recent individual/collaborative award. In reports accompanying subsequent applications, primary applicants who have been funded must demonstrate explicitly the impact of previous support on their scholarship and grant seeking activity. The UMRB will also consider outcomes from previous UMRB awards presented in their award report.

Reviewed August 29, 2017.