BPM-503 University Travel Cards

Revised August 24, 2000

Employees whose duties require that they travel on official business may be issued a University Travel Card at no personal cost. This card is to be used only for charging University related travel expenses such as meals, lodging, car rentals, etc. Reimbursement for travel expenses will be made by the University to employees following standard procedures.

Applying for a Corporate Charge Card

Applications for corporate charge cards must be submitted on a University Travel Card Application and approved by the campus travel coordinator. Applications are available for each campus at the following url:


Liability for Charges/Cardholder Responsibilities

Use of the corporate MasterCard is for business purposes only. Failure to pay charges in a timely manner may result in late fees for which the employee is responsible.

Cardholders accept the responsibility and accountability for the protection and proper use of the University travel card. They agree to pay the Card Issuer for the charges within the established repayment period. If charges other than for University business are placed on the travel card, or the University incurs charges, expenses or costs on the cardholder's behalf, and repayment is not forthcoming immediately upon request, the cardholder authorizes the University to deduct any non-University, personal or other charges, expenses or costs from the cardholder paycheck, subject to the limits of garnishments and writs of sequestration contained in §525.030 RSMo and 15 U.S.C.§1673.

If the cardholder is terminated from the University, the cardholder will continue to be financially responsible for and legally liable to the Card Issuer and/or the University for non-University, or personal items purchased on the University travel card, by the cardholder or with their knowledge, or any expenses, costs, or charges incurred by the University relating to the travel card issued to the cardholder, including any reasonable costs of collection and attorneys fees.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If a University travel card is lost or stolen, it is the cardholder's responsibility to notify the issuing card company immediately.

Return Cards

Employees terminating employment with the University must return their charge cards to their supervisor on or before their last day of duty.