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Reporting Accidents & Incidents

The policies on this webpage have been streamlined and reformatted, and are now available on the University Policies webpage. We ask that you use this new resource, as future changes, additions to or eliminations of these policies will only be made to the University Policies webpage, and policy manuals you may have used in the past will no longer be updated. 

BPM-705 Accidents - University Vehicles

Revised April 11, 2013


All accidents involving a University Vehicle, regardless of the amount of damage or extent of injury, must be reported.



Under this policy, University vehicle includes all licensed over-the-road ground vehicles:

  • Owned by the University
  • Rented or leased by or for the University for official business

NOTE:  See also BPM 706 - Accidents - Rented Vehicles.


Other motorized vehicles not designed for highway use and generally used on University grounds.  Examples of these vehicles are golf carts, "gators," and all-terrain vehicles used for landscaping or maintenance.


Immediate telephone reports to the nearest law enforcement agency (if the accident occurs on campus or University-owned premises, contact campus police) are required for any accident resulting in a rear end collision, death or injury to any person, or damage to a third-party's vehicle.

Report Forms to be Used
  • Licensed Vehicles - Accident reports involving these vehicles must be submitted using Vehicle Accident Report Form (UM 5)

  • NOTE:  Vehicle Accident Forms must be kept in the glove compartments of all licensed vehicles, along with a letter stating the University is self-funded.  This letter can be obtained from Risk & Insurance Management.

  • Unlicensed Vehicles - Incidents involving these vehicles must be reported on Damage Report Form (UM 69)
Reports must be:
  1. Initiated by the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident, or a passenger if the driver is incapacitated, and submitted to the employee's department as soon as possible following the accident.
  2. Typed for signature of both the driver and the department head or supervisor and submitted to the appropriate campus or UM contact within 24 hours if injury or death is involved, or if not, then within 48 hours after the accident.

NOTE:  Campus Contact information is available at: http://www.umsystem.edu/ums/fa/management/risk/contacts/


A Report of Injury  Form (UM WC-1) must be submitted by the employee's supervisor for each injured employee occupant of a University vehicle involved in an accident, within 24 hours of the accident.

REFERENCE:  BPM 704 - Employee Injuries and Occupational Diseases, gives the requirements for submitting employee injury reports.


It is important to exchange information with other drivers involved in an accident.  Missouri law requires that drivers involved in an accident causing bodily injury or property damage, stop and exchange the following information with the other driver(s) or injured parties; name, address, vehicle license number, driver's license number, and insurance information.  If this is not possible, give this information to the nearest law enforcement officer or to the nearest police station or judicial officer.

NOTE:  Violation of this law constitutes a felony making the driver subject to punishment.


An employee who is involved in a vehicular accident must not discuss the accident with anyone except representatives of the University, its self-funded claim's administrator or a law enforcement officer.

The employee must not make any admission as to who was at fault, nor make any attempt to settle claims or otherwise establish liability with the other parties to the accident or their insurance companies.


BPM 803 - Insurance Coverages, provides summary information about insurance coverages.