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Records & Records Management

BPM-903 Records Retention Schedules

Revised August 1, 2009


Records Management inventories University records and develops Records Retention Authorizations (schedule of records retention and disposal) to meet the administrative, legal, fiscal, research and historical needs and requirements of the University.

Records Retention Authorizations are collectively approved by the Campus Archivists, Records Management, Internal Auditing, and the General Counsel. Records Retention Authorizations apply to all records in all departments of the University unless a specific Records Retention Authorization has been approved for a department.

Official records shall not be destroyed or otherwise disposed of by any University officer or employee on their own initiative.



The prescribed period of time that a record must be retained. The retention periods established for University records are based on the legal, administrative, financial, research, and historical needs of the University.

REFERENCE: BPM 904 Storage of Inactive Records

Disposition of Records

The disposal of the actual record, either by physical destruction or transfer to Campus Archives.

REFERENCE: BPM 905 Disposal of University Records