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About the UM Business Policy Manual

Changes & Updates

Changes to the Business Policy Manual may result from a policy change approved by the Board of Curators or the President which results in a change to the Collected Rules and Regulations, or by a UM addition, deletion, or modification of administrative policies.

Changes to the Business Policy Manual are usually initiated and prepared by the UM administrative unit responsible for the policy. UM Business Services will assist in the preparation of new or revised policies and will coordinate the approval process. Policy changes may be reviewed and/or approved by the Administrative Management Council (AMC).

UM Business Services will format and prepare the final policy for distribution via email, and for display on the Business Policy Manual website. Changes are entered onto the web within two weeks of final approval.

A chronological listing of changes to sections can be viewed by selecting Revision History.

To report a policy in need of revision, or to ask questions about policies, contact Paula Schlager, Consultant, UM Business Services.