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CRM 605 - Replenishing Cash Funds

Cash Fund Replenishment:

Frequency and Method -

  • Daily as required, checks are exchanged for cash. As required, cash is exchanged for different denominations.
  • Repayment of travel advances is made by employees to whom funds were advanced.
  • Approved Petty Cash Purchase Vouchers (Form UMUW 25) are redeemed at the Campus Purchasing Office, at least every two weeks.
    • Campus Purchasing Office - At least once a week, a Voucher (Form UMUW 12) is initiated payable to the fund custodian and charged to the appropriate departmental accounts as determined from the Petty Cash Purchase Vouchers.

Note - Approved Petty Cash Purchase Vouchers must be treated and handled the same as cash.


created: 02-28-97