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CRM 703 - Refunds

The policies on this webpage have been streamlined and reformatted, and are now available on the University Policies webpage. We ask that you use this new resource, as future changes, additions to or eliminations of these policies will only be made to the University Policies webpage, and policy manuals you may have used in the past will no longer be updated. Note: On March 31, 2018, this resource will no longer be available. Please update your bookmarks to the University Policies webpage.

Cash Refunds:

Permitted in Limited Situations Only - Cash refunds are permitted only for merchandise returns and for other small refunds (e.g., key, breakage, library and locker deposits) which are authorized by Campus Business Services.

Credit Card Refunds :

Upon request from the customer, the refund must be processed as a credit to the customer's credit card account. If the customer presents his/her copy of the charge slip, information can be taken from the customer copy. Otherwise, the merchant's copy must be reviewed to obtain necessary information.

Processing the Refund by Credit Card - Refunds are processed through the credit card electronic terminal.

created: 02-28-97