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CRM 704 - Student Financial Aid Checks

The Campus Cashiers Office is responsible for disbursing Student Financial Aid checks such as loan, scholarship and fellowship checks. This subject details the standards to be followed in disbursing these checks.

Disbursing Checks:

Conditions Required for Release - Student Financial Aid will be released only when the student has:

  • Signed all applicable notes.
  • Completed enrollment for the applicable term.
  • Paid all fees and outstanding accounts or has made arrangements for payment which are approved by the proper authority.
  • Must present a picture ID.

When Fees and Other Accounts Are Not Paid - All amounts outstanding must be deducted from the aid amount before the balance may be released.

Unclaimed Aid :

Reported Every 30 Days - To the student accounts office.

Authorized Exceptions - These time requirements may be waived during registration periods with the exception of Federal Direct Student Loans.

created: 02-28-97