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CRM 402 - Physical Facilities - Construction

Construction Standards:

For Operations With Risk Classifications of High or Medium-High - To the degree possible and practical, as determined by Campus Business Services, the design of the physical facilities of each cash handling operation with a risk classification of HIGH or MEDIUM-HIGH may incorporate any or all of these construction features:

Interior entrance doors with:

  • Key lock or combination lock.
    • Electric door switch with automatic closing mechanism.
    • Bullet-proof windows for recognition of authorized personnel.
    • For any doors which open directly from the cash handling area to the outside:
  • Sheet metal reinforcement.
    • Dead bolt locks with pin tumbler cylinders which are key operated from both inside and outside.
    • Perimeter walls constructed from floor to ceiling.
    • Provisions to physically separate the cashiers and those counting and handling money from other office employees.
  • If it is determined necessary by Campus Business Services for the cashiering station being considered, bullet-proof glass with:
    • Speaking slots.
    • Openings for passing money in and out which are small enough or properly protected to prevent a gun from being inserted or pointed at an employee inside.
    created: 02-28-97