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CRM 403 - Transportation, Escorts and Guards

The policies on this webpage have been streamlined and reformatted, and are now available on the University Policies webpage. We ask that you use this new resource, as future changes, additions to or eliminations of these policies will only be made to the University Policies webpage, and policy manuals you may have used in the past will no longer be updated. 

Transporting Money and Securities:

Campus Business Services may grant specific authorization to transfer money or securities to the appropriate location by a method other than by hand. The Office of the Treasurer should be consulted before securities are transported.

Campus Mail Not to Be Used - Money and securities transferred to the Campus Cashiers Office must be hand-carried unless specific authorization is granted otherwise by Campus Business Services.

Employees Not to Arm Themselves - Under no circumstances are Cashiers or other employees handling money or securities to arm themselves.

Guards, Escorts and Armored Car Service Requirements:

Campus Business Services is responsible for determining the circumstances under which the use of guards, University Police escorts, or armored car service is required. When these services are not required, a department should consider the use of escorts when a deposit contains amounts of coins and currency, such as $500.00 or greater.

Responsibility for Funds Being Transported:

With University Police Escort - The Cashier being escorted is accountable and responsible for the funds while in transit to the Campus Cashiers Office, or the bank, and return, and must have complete custody of the funds at all times.

By Armored Car Service - When a messenger transports but does not actually handle funds, a system of locked containers, receipts and communications is used.

created: 02-28-97