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Employment Policies (HR-100)

HR-109 Probationary and Qualifying period Q&As

1. If an employee transfers to a new department and later transfers back to the former department, what is the impact on his/her departmental seniority?

Once an employee transfers out of a department, departmental seniority is lost unless the employee transfers back prior to expiration of the one-month qualifying period. (See HR 117 Layoff for special provision for employees in layoff status.)

2. How is an employee’s seniority impacted if the employee is returned to the former department during the qualifying period but the position is no longer available?

If no position is available, the employee is placed on a six-month leave of absence. The employee would retain seniority in the former department for the period of the leave. While the employee is in leave status, he/she would not accrue seniority.

Date Created: 9/26/97

Last Updated: 10/23/2009