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HR-203 Position Classifications


All regular Administrative, Service & Support positions are classified and assigned to a salary range unless specifically exempted. Positions with similar duties and responsibilities are grouped together in the same class. Class specifications are prepared indicating the title, duties and responsibilities and minimum qualifications required. Specifications provide a basis for an equitable evaluation of all positions; assist in recruiting and placement of personnel; and assist staff members in becoming acquainted with the general requirements of their positions. The classification of each position is its official title and is used on payroll, personnel and other official records and publications.

New Classifications

A Nonexempt Position Classification Questionnaire (UMUW Form 66) or Exempt Position Classification Questionnaire (UMUW Form 66AP) should be completed by the department requesting the classification assignment and submitted to Human Resource Services for review. When no classification exists that corresponds to the duties and responsibilities of the position, the appropriate form (66 or 66AP) is forwarded to campus Human Resource Services with a recommendation to establish a new title. That office receives approval for new classifications from UM Human Resources and notifies the department of the new classification title.

Existing Classifications

The employee and/or supervisor completes Form 66 or Form 66AP and forwards it to Human Resource Services for review. If that office determines that the duties and responsibilities of the position fall within those of an established classification, the position is assigned the appropriate title and the department is notified of the classification decision on the Request for Classification Action (UM Form 126). 

Concurrent Appointments 

All concurrent appointments (administrative/professional-academic) with the administrative/ professional portion of the position established on at least a half-time basis are to be classified and assigned to an appropriate salary grade unless specifically exempted. The salary for such an administrative/ professional employee will be determined within the established salary range based upon a percent of full-time work load. The department initiating the appointment will indicate the primary responsibility of the position on the Personnel Action Form (PAF) (UM 270) listing the primary title, the appropriate FTE, and the secondary title with the corresponding FTE. The following diagram should be utilized.



All administrative/professional positions established on at least a half-time basis are to be classified and assigned to a salary grade unless specifically exempted by the President. These may include administrative positions with primary responsibility for directing instructional or research activities normally requiring extensive academic preparation, and previous teaching or research experience (progression to such academic-administrative positions would normally be from academic ranks); top executive and staff positions reporting to the President, Vice President, or Chancellor; or positions exempted from the program by action of the Chancellor or Vice President, based on the unique relative value or importance of a position to the University, subject to approval by the President. Executive level positions are defined as those appointments assigned to 1.3 and 1.4 Occupational Group Codes reporting directly to a General Officer.

Appealing Classification Decisions

The classification decision made by Human Resource Services is not subject to the University grievance procedure. However, an employee or administrator may request that Human Resource Services review a classification decision. The Director, Human Resource Services or other designated campus representative may also request Human Resources (UM) to review the classification decision.

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Last Updated: 01/01/2005

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