Compensation (HR-200)

HR-203 Position Classifications Q&As

1. What are employee and management roles in the reclassification process? 

Employees are required to initiate reclassification requests through their immediate supervisor and manager. All managers are encouraged to discuss requests for reclassification with their campus Human Resource Services. A joint decision will be made and communicated to the employee. If denied, the employee may make a formal request of Human Resource Services to conduct a detailed review of his/her position. All actions taken by Human Resource Services will be coordinated with the appropriate manager. If current responsibilities are outside the job title and description assigned to the employee, those duties can be assigned to another position with that level of responsibility.

2. How does an employee initiate a request for reclassification? 

Initiation of a classification request begins with the employee communicating a desire for a classification review with the immediate supervisor. If the supervisor agrees with the request and campus Human Resource Services proposes a more appropriate title, a PCQ is not required. An employee will be directed to complete a PCQ to establish a new job title, to reclassify a nonexempt position to an exempt one, or as part of a classification appeal. All PCQ’s will be sent to the employee through the appropriate manager. Should the supervisor disagree with an employee’s request, the employee may directly contact Human Resource Services as an appeal. 

3. How much autonomy is available to a department in selecting appropriate classifications?

Human Resource Services is responsible for position classifications. A manager should work with Human Resource Services to determine the most appropriate title, salary range, and minimum qualifications, based on the duties being performed. Together, they design a job with appropriate responsibilities and within budgetary guidelines of the department.

4. How much autonomy is available to a department in determining an employee’s salary?

Autonomy for determining an employee’s salary is limited to the application of Human Resources policies concerning salary increases for reclassifications, promotions, and the guidelines for annual increases. While Human Resource Services oversight will continue for all such actions, specific authorization from Human Resource Services, or other Chancellor designates, will be required on actions that extend beyond policy/guidelines. Human Resource Services oversight will include review of market, equal pay, and internal equity.

5. Can an employee request a blank PCQ from Human Resources?

Yes. However, Human Resource Services will send the form back through the employee’s supervisor or manager after initial discussions with that individual regarding the reason for the request.

6. How can an employee address concerns regarding reclassification? 

Supervisors are encouraged to understand the classification process so that they may respond to questions and/or concerns. If additional information is needed, Human Resource Services will assist the employee and/or supervisor. Prior to the process of an on-the-job audit, the Human Resource Services representative should explain to the employee FLSA guidelines on exemption or nonexemption status. A classification review is an on-the-job audit of the position, duties and responsibilities assigned to it and not an evaluation of individual performance.

Date Created: 11/01/2001

Last Updated: 11/01/2001

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