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Compensation (HR-200)

HR-204 Position Titles (MRC)


All University positions must be approved, classified, and assigned official titles and title codes which must be used on all payroll records, budget documents, personnel and other official records and publications. Table 3 (Administrative, Service and Support Titles) sets forth those positions approved and classified as of the effective date indicated. The table is updated on an annual basis only. Individuals affected by changes made during the interim period will be directly notified.

Table 3 Definitions

The following definitions are provided for Table 3 headings.

EXEMPT STATUS - The codes in this column designate those positions which are eligible for overtime (N = nonexempt) and those which are not eligible for overtime (E = exempt).

SALARY RANGE - For those positions assigned to a salary or wage matrix (Tables 1 or 2), the minimum and maximum steps of the assigned salary range are shown stated in hourly or annual rates.

Salary increases beyond the designated maximum of a given range are not permitted unless specifically approved by Human Resource Services (UM).

SALARY LEVEL - The alphabetic codes in this column designate the salary or wage matrix to which a given position is assigned; the numeric codes designate the range assignment within that matrix. These codes are M - OFFICE/TECHNICAL SALARY MATRIX (Nonexempt) (Table 1); H - SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE WAGE MATRIX (Nonexempt) (Table 2) (the steps for these positions are the first four (4) of the appropriate range); and L - SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE WAGE RATE for Lead employees (Nonexempt) (Table 2). Positions for which University policy permits payroll deductions for union dues are designated by an asterisk (*).

The salary structure for administrative/professional employees is developed using a four-step process including an annual salary survey conducted to determine competitive pay; a pay policy line constructed by fitting the results of the salary survey and corresponding assessment of job responsibility; salary levels for job classifications determined according to the relationship to the pay policy line based on the level of job responsibility; and individual salary adjustments given within the salary structure based on job performance. Information concerning administrative/ professional salaries may be obtained from the department administrator or Human Resource Services.

Requesting New or Revises Titles

Requests for new or revised titles for administrative, service & support positions must be submitted to Human Resource Services on a Position Classification Questionnaire (UMUW Form 66 or 66AP).

Date Created: 9/26/97

Last Updated: 7/21/98