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HR-225 Deceased Employees


Procedures are described for release of payroll earnings and notification to the Payroll Office upon the death of an employee.


Payroll checks due deceased employees must not be released without proper authorization from the Probate Court of the county in which the deceased employee was a resident. If the family advises the University that the estate will not be opened in the Probate Court, Payroll Office should contact the General Counsel's office for assistance.


The department is responsible for immediately notifying the Payroll Office, in writing, of the death of an employee.

If an employee's death occurs or comes to the attention of the department within five (5) working days of the next regularly scheduled payroll date for that employee, the Payroll Office should be notified immediately by telephone with written confirmation made later.

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Date Created: 9/26/97

Last Updated:01/01/2003

Reviewed 2019-08-12