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Benefits (HR-300)

HR-309 Tuition Reduction for Spouses and Dependents Q&As

1.    What are the eligibility requirements for children under this program?

Children must meet at least one of the following eligibility requirements:

natural children, stepchildren, adopted children, or child placed in employee's home for adoption younger than age 26;

unmarried children regardless of age, who are, because of physical or mental disability, incapable of self-sustaining employment and are dependent on the employee or the employee’s spouse for principal support and whose disability existed prior to reaching the maximum age for coverage as a dependent.

In cases of inconsistency between the above definitions and the University of Missouri Medical Plan, the language of the Medical Plan will prevail, with one exception: foster children are not eligible for tuition reduction.

2. Are the spouse and/or children of part-time employees eligible for this benefit?

Only currently employed, benefit eligible employees (at least 75% FTE) are included in this program.

3. Are spouses and dependents of retirees eligible for the Tuition Reduction program?


4. Are spouses and dependents eligible for the Tuition Reduction program if the employee is on a leave of absence?

Yes, if the employee is on an approved leave of absence granted in accordance with University leave policies.

5. Does this program apply to high school students taking college courses at the University of Missouri?

Yes, if the high school student meets all program eligibility requirements and the course is a college credit course.

6. May an eligible spouse or dependent use this benefit on any University of Missouri campus regardless of the employee's home campus?


7. Are Distance Education, Correspondence courses, and/or MU Direct covered under the program?

Yes, if they are University of Missouri college credit courses.

8. Do courses taken as "Audit" count toward the 140-hour benefit maximum?

Yes, whether the college credit course is taken for "credit" or "audit," the course counts toward the 140-hour benefit maximum.

9. Are other fees in addition to the Tuition covered by the Tuition Reduction program?

No, only Tuition is included under this program. Activity Fees, books and other expenses are the responsibility of the student.

10. Is the benefit received from the Tuition Reduction program for Spouses and Dependents taxable to the employee?

The University has been advised that the benefits under this program for an eligible spouse and/or eligible dependents are not taxable as income to the employee if the student is pursuing an undergraduate degree. However, if the eligible spouse and/or dependent is pursuing a graduate or professional degree, the benefits under this program may be taxable as income to the employee. Employees are encouraged to consult their personal tax advisors concerning any taxes withheld by the University.

Date Created: 08/01/2003

Last Updated: 04/04/2012