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Enhanced Policies (HR-700)

Please note: On June 1, 2021, President Choi rescinded three HR policies related to COVID-19: HR-700 Enhanced HR Policies for Employees in Response to COVID-19; HR-710 Payroll Reduction Measures for Administrative, Service and Support Employees; and HR-720 Policy on Salary Reductions for Faculty and Other Academic Appointees. While HR-700, 710 and 720 have been rescinded, some of the measures outlined in those policies may continue to occur based on existing authority.

Please note: On December 7, 2021, a federal court entered an order blocking the federal government from enforcing Executive Order 14042, the federal vaccine mandate for federal contractors.  As a result, HR-703 Federal COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate and HR-703 Federal COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate Q&A are suspended and employees are not required to comply with them at this time.  This site will be updated in the event any changes in policy occur.

Reviewed 2021-12-07