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302 Expenditure Limits and Required Approvals

The policies on this webpage have been streamlined and reformatted, and are now available on the University Policies webpage. We ask that you use this new resource, as future changes, additions to or eliminations of these policies will only be made to the University Policies webpage, and policy manuals you may have used in the past will no longer be updated. 

Show-Me Shop (SMS) e-Procurement
If desired item is available through SMS, department may purchase the item, regardless of the dollar value, without involvement of procurement.

Purchasing Card (p-card)
If desired item is not available through SMS, purchases of $0 - $4,999 may be purchased on a University issued purchasing card unless restricted by p-card policies and card limits. P-card may be used without involvement of procurement.

University p-card policies are defined at: http://www.umsystem.edu/ums/fa/procurement/card/policy

Non-Catalog Requisition
If acquisition cannot be made through SMS or via p-card, a non-catalog e-procurement requisition is required following these limits:

  • $10,000 - $24,999 – procurement method is at the discretion of the strategic sourcing team. Purchases may require solicitation of bids, through a formal or informal process, or require appropriate sole source justification
  • $25,000 and above – Purchases require a formal bidding process which requires the advertisement and posting of the bid to the bidding population using a sealed process