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Web Header Bar Templates

Web Header Bar Templates

The following Web header bar templates are designed for use by University of Missouri System websites not maintained by the Office of University Relations or sites that use a design other than the main UM System site.

In order to maintain consistency across all UM System sites, all Web header bar images and CSS styling should be served from a location provided by the Office of University Relations wherever possible.

Wherever possible, the exact code provided here should be used. If a custom header is needed, please contact University Relations at (573) 882-9112 or email updates@umsystem.edu.

If you are planning to place the header on a secure server, however, you will likely need to copy the image files and stylesheets to your server in order to avoid having warning messages appear for end-users.

Flexible width (Preferred format)

Paste this code in the <head> portion of your page.

<link href="http://www.umsystem.edu/css/umsbar.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Then insert this code immediately after the <body> tag. Please ensure page margins are set to 0 when using this option (if your design requires margins, wrap your content it a unique <div> that controls the margins of your content but not the header bar).

<!--Start UMS Header Bar-->
<div class="umsheader"><div class="umsheaderlogo"><a href="http://www.umsystem.edu"><img src="/images/blank.gif" class="umsheaderlink" alt="Link to University of Missouri System home page" /></a></div>                
<div class="umsheaderadvmolink"><a href="/about-us"><img src="/images/umsbar/advmo-link-logo.png" /></a></div></div>
<!--End UMS Header Bar-->

Reviewed 2015-07-30.