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Seal Placement Do’s and Don’ts

When sending an image of the seal for use in offset printing, the graphics file must be an Illustrator EPS file. JPG and TIF file formats should be reserved for use in programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Please contact umupdates@umsystem.edu at (573) 882-9112 when using the seal or submitting the seal to a vendor. The staff can help to determine the best file size and format and work with the vendor if needed.

To place the seal in a document (e.g., Microsoft Word, PowerPoint):

  1. Save the file to be imported to the desktop. This will ensure that the file will not look pixelated.
  2. In Word, choose the “Insert” menu. Select the “Picture” submenu and click “From File.” Locate the file on the desktop, and insert it directly into the document. Note that by default, Word looks in the “My Pictures” folder. The file is embedded directly in the document and saved with it the Style Guide next time the document is saved.

To resize an image:

  1. Select the image. Position the pointer over a resize handle at the bottom right corner of the image. When the pointer becomes a double-headed arrow, drag to resize holding down the shift key to maintain the aspect ratio (the relation of height to width). using the side handles will distort the image.
  2. Tip: To fine-tune the image size, right-click the graphic, and then click “Format Picture” on the shortcut menu. On the “Size” tab, enter precise measurements or a percentage value of the original size.

The success of the University of Missouri System’s identity depends largely on the consistent application of our seal.  The Examples of Misuse page demonstrate how the seal should never appear. Modifying the seal in any manner is misrepresenting the University of Missouri System.

Reviewed 2016-05-18.