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An Investment in Missouri

The University of Missouri System touches every person in the state, every day and is a driving force in the economic health and well-being of the state of Missouri.  Here's a look at just a few ways that an investment in higher education is an investment in Missouri.

block  We educate the state’s workforce. With four university campuses and more than 75,000 students, we educate nearly half of all undergraduate students at public four-year institutions in the state as well as the majority of graduate students and professional school students.

block  We are your doctors, your dentists, your nurses, your pharmacists and medical researchers.  In addition to our pharmacy and dental schools, more Missouri doctors receive their medical degree from one of our campuses than any other university and our nursing alumni are in every county across the state.

block  We are driving innovation. As part of our commitment to advancing Missouri’s economy, we have 10 research parks and incubators, and we are investing in moving faculty innovations to the marketplace.

block  We enhance and protect our state’s food supply. Our 19 agricultural experiment stations are advancing our understanding of the best farming practices and ensure the safety and bounty of our food supply.

block  We are your animal care providers.  We offer the only doctor of veterinary medicine degree program in the state.  Each year, our Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital cares for about 17,000 hospitalized animals and thousands more on farms.  In addition, the Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction focuses on the benefits of human-animal interaction.

block  We help Missouri small businesses thrive. We have 39 small business and technology development centers throughout the state. These centers provide expert guidance to small businesses, creating thousands of jobs every year.

block  We deliver technology. MOREnet, the Missouri Research and Education Network, provides Internet connectivity, video conferencing, network security and training to nearly 800 Missouri schools, colleges and universities, public libraries, health care organizations and state governments.

block  We deliver health care to the underserved. The Missouri Telehealth Network delivers medical information and health care through the use of telecommunications. At 200 locations in 56 Missouri counties, patients can have a live, real-time interaction with a University of Missouri health specialist, almost as if they are in the same room.

block  We deliver experts in nearly every subject.  With experts working throughout all 114 counties in the state, every year more than a million Missourians turn to University of Missouri Extension to gain knowledge, from earning a high school diploma online to law enforcement training; and from community emergency management to disaster preparedness.