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National News: Articles on the Value of Higher Education

block    The Chronicle of Higher Education  "Good Jobs Are Back: College Graduates Are First in Line," a new report from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce.

block    The Washington Post: College is not a commodity  Stop treating it like one. What truly makes an education valuable: the effort the student puts into it.

block   The News & Observer: The real value of higher education   UNC System President Tom Ross: If we increase educational attainment in North Carolina, we will have fewer people in poverty, there will be less demand for social services...

block   The Daily Advocate: Higher Education and the Public Good   There is nothing wrong with taxpayers having high expectations for public colleges and universities in the state.

block   Grand Forks Herald: How society benefits from supporting higher ed   It's clear that higher education is providing a substantial and critical return on the public's investment while providing the economic foundation for a new future.

block   US News & World Report: Why 2 States Have Poured Money Into Public Higher Education   North Dakota and Alaska are putting cash behind the college-economy link.

block   The Chronicle of Higher Education: On Campuses and Beyond, the Job Market for New Graduates Looks Up   More employers are visiting the campus, the university’s interview rooms are oversubscribed, job postings are up 15 percent...

block   Bloomberg Business: Millennials Most-Educated U.S. Age Group After Downturn: Economy   Investments in education lead to innovation, and innovation is what leads to economic growth across the nation.

block   Delaware Online: Why has the 'public' faded from public higher education?   A college education plays a critical role in ending this vicious cycle by moving families firmly into the middle class.

block   TheUpshot: Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say   A new set of income statistics answers those questions quite clearly: Yes, college is worth it, and it’s not even close.

block   The Atlantic: The Myth of the Student-Loan Crisis  This month, college-admission letters are being accompanied by national anxiety over the growing “student-debt crisis."

block   CNN: The cost of college: a balancing act  One of the president’s education goals is for the have the world’s highest proportion of college graduates. America is ranked behind Russia, Canada, and several other countries in this category, according to the College Board.

block   Stateline: Higher education funds begin slow recovery  When Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad stumped recently for increased higher education funding to keep tuition down, he was doing so in direct opposition to fellow Republican legislators who control the state House of Representatives. It didn’t worry him.

block   The Atlantic: What's More Expensive Than College?  Not Going to College  There is a cost to not educating young people. The evidence is around us and all over the world.

block   The Chronicle of Higher Education: Graduates of For-Profits Lag Behind Their Peers in Earnings and Employment, Study Finds   Six years after they enter college, students from for-profit institutions are employed at lower rates and earn less than their peers, according to a study by three scholars from Harvard University.

block   Library Journal: Assault on Public Education From the Bell Tower  There’s been considerable debate lately on whether everyone needs to go to college. If funding trends stay the same or worsen, it may not matter. Only the elite will be able to afford it.

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