Non-PO Vouchers

Generally speaking, what is a NON-PO voucher?

NON-PO Vouchers are a method within the University of Missouri system to pay vendors electronically or by check when PO Voucher, T&E, and other methods are not appropriate.  NON-PO Vouchers are similar to PO-Vouchers in that they tie together the vendor, invoice date, invoice amount, line items, and accounting information for individual vendor invoices.  NON-PO Vouchers differ from PO Vouchers as there is no need for a purchase order number to be created or used to complete the transaction.

Within the University of Missouri System, when should I use a NON-PO voucher?

A Non-PO Voucher should be used when needed products/services:

  • Cost $5,000 or less, AND
  • Are NOT appropriately paid with a Purchase Order (PO), AND
  • Are NOT reimbursable through Travel and Expense (T&E), AND
  • Are NOT reimbursable through Payroll, AND
  • Are NOT available through the Show-Me-Shop, AND
  • CANNOT be purchased using a Purchasing Card.

In addition to the above criteria, some expenses requiring processing through a NON-PO Voucher require additional steps such as:

  • Expenses which require a CONTRACT, AGREEMENT, or TERMS and CONDITIONS, OR
  • Expenses which REOCCUR on a regular basis such as weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, bi-annually, or other regular interval, OR
  • Expenses to pay a SUBJECT PAYMENT for research participation, OR
  • Expenses to pay a NON-EMPLOYEE’s travel.

Within the University of Missouri System, how does the NON-PO voucher process work?

  1. First, a staff person from the department incurring the expense must use PeopleSoft Production to create a NON-PO Voucher detailing the purchase’s vendor information, purchase information, and accounting information.
  2. Once the NON-PO Voucher has been created in Peoplesoft Production, it must be printed and converted to pdf format.
  3. Any support documentation must also be converted to pdf format.
  4. Next, the .pdf voucher and support documentation should be combined into one file and sent to a signer authorized to approve the expense within the originating department.
  5. Once the signer has approved the NON-PO Voucher with attachments, the voucher and attachments must be emailed to the Accounts Payable Shared Services Center for approval.  For instructions on how to submit Non-PO Vouchers, click HERE***NOTE: Wire Transfers and Foreign Drafts must be submitted using a different email address accessed by clicking HERE
  6. The Accounts Payable Shared Services Center approver will verify all information and either release the NON-PO Voucher for payment in PeopleSoft Production or send it back to the department with questions and requests for further clarification.
  7. Once the NON-PO Voucher has been released for payment in PeopleSoft Production, payment will be processed as either a check on the first Tuesday following release, an ACH on the night following release, or an “Express Check” on the same day as release if an appropriate business need has been communicated within the voucher and sufficient notice has been provided for processing. 
  8. Payment is made to the vendor.

Reviewed 2014-09-12.

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